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Porsche Salzburg Rally Cars

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Porsche Salzburg Rally Cars Empty Porsche Salzburg Rally Cars

Mensagem  indioarouca Qua 23 Nov 2011, 09:39

Esta equipa austriaca participou no rally de Portugal inclusive aqui também em Arouca.

Porsche Salzburg Rally Cars - in detail...
See also Race and Rally , Desktop Pictures and Literature 2

Pictures and information kindly supplied by - Markus Reinhardt
Also see the excellent RallyBugs site for more information
on these 1302's and VW Rally cars.

This 1971 1302 S features silver and black paintwork with Austrian
red-white-red stripe on the drivers side.

Engine: 4-cyl.-boxer, aircooled, case: AD, AS
Bore: 85,50 mm. Stroke: 69,00 mm (stock crank, balanced)
Total displacement: 1584 cm?
Hp (DIN): 110-120 at 6000 rpm (rpm limit: 6700)
Torque: 13,6 mkg at 5000 rpm
Rods: stock rods, lightened, shot peened and balanced
Cam: special cam, straight-cut gears, valve timing/duration unknown.
Heads: factory casting 040, semi-hemi cut, reshaped ports
Compression: 9,1:1
Valve size: 40,00 mm inlet x 32,00 mm exhaust
Carburation: dual Weber 46 IDA
Exhaust system: modified stock muffler

This 1972 1302 S also features silver and black paintwork but with the
Austrian red-white-red stripe on the right hand side.
Available as a poster from Autotrend.com or parc.de (No 4050). Please mention 1302Super.com

Lubrication: dry sump system using factory pump and
additional Porsche Salzburg item with 3 stock gears inside,
remote oil tank under the left rear fender,
oil-cooler under front-skirt; (system was also sold for private use).
Autocraft markets a similar system today

Transaxle: ring and pinion: stock 1302 S, 4,125 : 1
- Gear ratio Shifting drop at 6000 rpm* - -
1st gear 2,72 : 1 1940 rpm 3,80 : 1 2750 rpm
2nd gear 1,84 : 1 1560 2,06 : 1 2.330
3rd gear 1,36 : 1 1020 1,26 : 1 1760
4th gear 1,13 : 1 - 0,89 : 1 -
*means when shifting from first into second, engine speed
only drops 1940 rpm whereas with stock ratio it would drop 2750 rpm.
Markus Reinhardt writes: As Rally-Beetle driver G? Janger (Aut) changed the team
at the end of 1972 season, Porsche Salzburg took Achim Wambold (Ger)
from BMW Germany under contract. Wambold never competed in a Beetle before,
so it was very surprising that he has won the Rally in January 1973 in Austria.
The other Beetle-racers placed 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th!!
The next rallye was the TAP-Rallye in Portugal. 4 Beetles fought bravely, but none of them
finished this cruel race. Drivers were Harry K䬬str?Swe), Tony Fall (GB), and Gr?dl (Aut).
In April 1973 Achim Wambold was back again to race the Rallye Elba (Italy) for the Austrian Team.
Other drivers were Trombotto (Ita), Fischer (Aut) and again Gr?dl (Aut).
Wambold took the chance and outraced all the others - hat-trick!

In mid 1973 the 1302S was replaced by the new 1303S. The pit-stop photo (above)
shows Tony Fall and Georg Fischer while taking part in the Acropolis Rally.

Harry K䬬str?Swe).
The 1973 Acropolis Rally (Greece). Janger (Aut) came back to the team.
K䬬str?Swe), Janger (Aut), Fischer (Aut) and Fall (GB) were drivers this time.

Janger, Fall and K䬬str?id not finish the race; Fischer finished 5th overall and
1st in Group 2 (special GT-class).
The photos were taken from "Gute Fahrt" 12/1973.

1302 'S 117-239' still racing in 1979
Updated information kindly supplied by Martin ܢelher
Also see other Porsche Salzburg powered cars here...
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